Rock-Art2Noise Pure Data Convention 2011




Artists: Tad Bisaha, Sitan Adele K

Rock Art indicates artistic demonstrations on rocky support. With Rock-Art2noise, we once again call on this prehistoric pictorial gesture. The strokes of the painter and their sound phenomena persists by the intervening of digital treatment with Pure Data. Convening the Rock Art does not mean to reproduce its rupestral theatricality, even evoked the Rock Art questions us again facing the surfaces, facing our deepest memory, facing our epoch.

Rock-art to noise suggests revealing the sound phenomenon of the rock art, to extend the lines, the signs, the dynamics, the pictorial strokes of the painter, to organize the sound towards a musical space as a counterpoint of the pictorial surface.

On the borders between sound and visual installation, action painting and mixed music, Rock-Art2noise convenes the transdisciplinary by transforming the pictorial gesture into a sound and musical flow.

This work of ephemeral composition tries to develop a musical form from a non-instrumental gesture executed and filtered in real-time with Pure Data.

Tuesday 09. Aug. 2011
19:00 – 20:00
Opening of the exhibition,_Sitan_Adele_K

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